About Us

Chariba Online is a British-Ghanaian brand that was founded by Charity and Noria Quist.

Our brand began as a vision shared between mother a daughter - we wanted to be able to share both our Ghanaian culture and fashion taste and suggestions with the world.

Like mother, like daughter, we are both fans of accessorising, and wearing clothes that actually accentuate how we feel or how we want to be seen in particular scenarios/environments - and thus from this realisation, came the idea of Chariba [pronounced: cha-re-ba]; simply Charity & Aba put together - it was Mother dearest's idea and not mine! 😄

All our products are personally sourced by Noria and are thoroughly checked before published on our website.

Our statement pieces/fabrics are carefully chosen and are created by our trust worthy seamstress & Ghanaian-crafts artiste, and are usually unique and quite limited - this is to keep our designs authentic and to allow exclusivity.

For any enquiries about our products, promotions, and/or services, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!